Welcome to Highlands Nordic Sno-Park

Grooming Report

During the ski season, which is usually from around Thanksgiving through early March, Patti Baumgardner sends out regular e-mail updates regarding snow and grooming. You may request to receive these e-mails by clicking here.

November 4, 2017: There is snow on the ground! This is a reminder that our workday is November 18.

October 5, 2017: Fall is in the air and we’ve set November 18, as the date for our annual workday, meeting and potluck. See the enclosed for details. The great news is, our long talked of shelter is under construction. Much thanks goes to Rob Thompson for volunteering to manage the project. Thanks too, to Rob and to George Baumgardner for gathering the materials, and to Rob, George, Jack Thurston and Andre Corso (thus far) for working to put the building together. Both Midway Building Supply and Zosel's Lumber have generously discounted high quality materials for the construction. Please patronize their businesses and thank them. And, thanks to your generosity with dues and donations over the years, we have enough money banked to pay for most of the materials. We will need your dues this year, and any extra you may want to contribute towards the shelter, to finish the project and rebuild our account so that we can cover our usual expenses for the upcoming season. Recall that we voted to raise the dues last year to $20.00/family and 15.00/individual. You can bring it to the workday, pay from our website at or mail a check to:
Highlands Nordic Ski Club
599 N Siwash
Tonasket, WA 98855
Remember that you will also need a state Sno-Park permit to park at Highlands. They can be obtained from any Forest Service office as the season grows near, or on line at
Enjoy the lovely fall, and we'll see you November 18. It won't be long before we can all…
Come ski,

Think Snow!!

PS. For those of you who have moved away or, for what ever reason, would prefer not to get emails about Highland's, please reply to me and I can take you off the list.