Antoine Loop

11.5 kilometers. From the upper parking lot ski east back to the Mill Creek Road, cross it and head up the Snowmobile Road. Turn left at the first junction, (.7K) which will be the 150. After a short way, the beginning of Antoine Loop will be uphill to the right. The trail climbs through conifers and aspen to the junction with Aava’s Draw. To make the complete loop, continue up to the right. The trail continues to climb and twist before reaching a relatively flat section, fun to ski, and comes to the junction with the Connector. From here, turn left and begin the climb to the high point of the trail. At the top you will be rewarded with an alpine setting and views of the Cascades, Mt. Baldy in Canada, and the Kettle range to the east; spectacular on a sunny day. Total elevation gain from the upper parking lot is 840 ft. The descent is steep without being, under most conditions, treacherous. Once at the bottom, you can ski to the junction of the 150 and remain on that trail until it returns to the Snowmobile Road, or continue up the Antoine and either make a loop with Aava’s Draw, or finish the Antoine Loop by coming back down the way you went up.

An alternate way to access Antoine Loop is to cross the Mill Creek Road, ski up the Snowmobile Road and go by the junction with the 150, continuing up until the grooming ends at 2.7K. To the left you’ll see the Connector.

The Antoine area offers the most varied terrain and arguably, the finest views in the park.